Our goal is high quality. development. safety.

The mission of our company, HUNZEL Metalltechnik Kft is fit our customers needs as well as possible.

25 years in business

The story of our company started 25 years ago, when the famous company AMS Kft and their partnercompany MONT Kft was founded in Szolnok (Hungary). For 25 years we have been continuously working in Hungary as well as in many European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, etc) in the fields of technological pipework, welding and varnishing.

In 2012 it came to a significant turning point, as one of the founders bought AMS Kft and became the owner.

2014 brought even more changes. 2 people joined the owner of the company and it became a family business. In the same year, on the 1st of May 2014, the owners decided on continueing their activities with a brand new image. This is how HUNZEL Metalltechnik Kft came to life. The Hungarian seat stayed in Szolnok. The engineer office in Germany moved to Ludwigshafen.

A few days later, on the 5th of May 2014, HUNZEL Metalltechnik bought 25% shares in the AMOND Huzalkosár és Polcgyártó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság in Jászberény, to have a greater part on the Hungarian market. 2015 brought more news. On the 1st of August 2015 the company merged with the field sales force of MONT Kft. Due to this they could extend the stability, size and number of employees. With the 25 years of experience from AMS Ltd and MONT Ltd, HUNZEL Metalltechnik was able to execute precise industrial investments with their technicians. The main fields of the company was technological pipework, machine construction and welding.

Right now, HUNZEL Metalltechnik Kft works on different projects in Germany and Switzerland. Isometric pipework is also in progress for the English and French market. Our Team, which consists of high-qualified technicians (isometric pipeworkers, metal workers, welders, etc) as well as engineers, is responsible for the complete customer-service. The company continuously extends their partner and coworker network. Our short-term goals are to widen our partnerships through the European Union and to fit the needs of our customers. From the beginning, our mission is, to cooperate with our partners long-term, to achieve the highest level of service possible.

The HUNZEL Metalltechnik Kft ownes SCC and ISO certificates, which are proof and guarantee of the quality and reliability towards our customers.

Fields of activity